Amsterdam: the city of bikes

Amsterdam wasn't the place I thought I'd love the most when I began planning trips. It seemed like a place to touch down for a weekend, scratch the surface and stroll back into London life. I was incorrect. The city of bikes stole my heart from the moment my train passed through the vast green... Continue Reading →

A walk through Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and home of the European Union headquarters. While the Eurostar dipped and turned, I thought about what the city might have to offer and questioned whether I'd done enough research before arriving. I only had a day and a half to experience a whole new city that would serve as... Continue Reading →

A weekend in Paris

Paris is a dream city. It's romantic, it's beautiful, it's Paris. I'm not sure if there's another way to put it that gives quite the same chill. I spent 2 days in Paris (3 technically, but Friday was lost to travel, so it doesn't really count). During those days, I walked 30 miles, ate loads... Continue Reading →

Some of SD in two days

We left at about 6 a.m., making a stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming for breakfast. We went to Epic Egg and shared an egg breakfast. It filled us up enough to get the drive done before it was time for lunch. Mount Rushmore is about a five-hour drive from Fort Collins, Colorado. Four and a half... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Taos, NM

We started in Alamosa, Colorado. It was a stress-filled wedding weekend. I was the new girlfriend. While I watched him deal with the anxious groom and try to balance his hometown friends' needs to make this a reunion on-top of the wedding, I looked for bed and breakfasts in Taos. Now, I know what you're... Continue Reading →

3 Days in Austin

Day 1: On any first day, the first step is finding a coffee shop. After hours on a plane, it is necessary to recharge with some caffeine and a reliable power outlet. This time gives you the perfect opportunity to plan your travel aspirations for the next three days. I started at Mañana Coffee. It... Continue Reading →

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