Growing Pains

Black coffee doesn't taste the same across oceans. Or, maybe it does and my tastebuds have just changed. Surely not. Instant coffee containers line the counter, waiting to be paired with boiling water and a bit of oat milk to mask the stale taste. I know what it is, my wallet has changed. The big world makes me... Continue Reading →

A day trip to Greenwich

Greenwich is a short tube ride from the center of London. But, it's much more fun to take a boat there or back. On this boat, you'll get a beautiful view of Big Ben (who's currently hidden under a bunch of scaffolding), The London Eye, Tower of London, and other historic landmarks that line the... Continue Reading →

Foot Traffic

Weeks and weekends have become a bit blurred in this beautiful city. The museum visits all mush together, the markets supply different things and the only thing separating my weeks are the day trips out of the city. There are so many wonderful things to see and it feels as though there's such little time... Continue Reading →


I've been in London for a little over a week now. The air is fresher than I expected and the people are friendly. The first week in any new place tends to be full of adjusting and refinding that thing we all call "balance." Balance is something I've never seemed to achieve, in anything. If... Continue Reading →

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