Travel blogging is becoming a trend. So, I'm going to be frank. I don't expect anyone to read this blog because there are millions of talented travel writers and photographers that should be read. I'm putting it into the world because I need to practice the skill that I plan to exercise professionally one day... Continue Reading →

Growing into Colorado

If you didn't know, I'm a Colorado native. I'm not the kind you usually meet, you know, the one who grew up in Boulder or Denver. Well, I guess I am now that I've gone to school in Boulder and am living in Denver. However, I grew up in a very different part of Colorado.... Continue Reading →

A Sunday in London

Sundays are taken very seriously in Europe. London is a city that celebrates Sunday as a day to spend with family, doing the things that will make us happy in the coming week. I stumbled on the Columbia Road Flower Market recently and found that it's only open on Sunday. While observing the people choose... Continue Reading →

Dublin without data

I never thought I'd find myself going to a new city without Google Maps at my disposal or a way to call friends if we got separated at a bar. Yet, here I am on my last night in Dublin listening to the music from Grafton Street, feeling the breeze through my window smiling at my... Continue Reading →

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