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Genoa, Italy

I spent a few nights in Genoa or Genova (they're the same thing and very confusing) on the tail end of my holiday. While here, I found that Italy is nothing like France and why people travel here for the food. On our way from Nice to Genoa, Caroline had her bag stolen at the... Continue Reading →

Nice is nice

Fall break came faster than I anticipated. So, when Friday came around, my bags were packed and I was ready to board a flight to Nice, France. It's the destination you see people on House Hunters International searching for and lots of beautiful pictures with colorful houses. We arrived at dark because it gets dark... Continue Reading →

A weekend in Paris

Paris is a dream city. It's romantic, it's beautiful, it's Paris. I'm not sure if there's another way to put it that gives quite the same chill. I spent 2 days in Paris (3 technically, but Friday was lost to travel, so it doesn't really count). During those days, I walked 30 miles, ate loads... Continue Reading →

A day trip to Greenwich

Greenwich is a short tube ride from the center of London. But, it's much more fun to take a boat there or back. On this boat, you'll get a beautiful view of Big Ben (who's currently hidden under a bunch of scaffolding), The London Eye, Tower of London, and other historic landmarks that line the... Continue Reading →

Foot Traffic

Weeks and weekends have become a bit blurred in this beautiful city. The museum visits all mush together, the markets supply different things and the only thing separating my weeks are the day trips out of the city. There are so many wonderful things to see and it feels as though there's such little time... Continue Reading →


I've been in London for a little over a week now. The air is fresher than I expected and the people are friendly. The first week in any new place tends to be full of adjusting and refinding that thing we all call "balance." Balance is something I've never seemed to achieve, in anything. If... Continue Reading →

Some of SD in two days

We left at about 6 a.m., making a stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming for breakfast. We went to Epic Egg and shared an egg breakfast. It filled us up enough to get the drive done before it was time for lunch. Mount Rushmore is about a five-hour drive from Fort Collins, Colorado. Four and a half... Continue Reading →

Dublin without data

I never thought I'd find myself going to a new city without Google Maps at my disposal or a way to call friends if we got separated at a bar. Yet, here I am on my last night in Dublin listening to the music from Grafton Street, feeling the breeze through my window smiling at my... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Taos, NM

We started in Alamosa, Colorado. It was a stress-filled wedding weekend. I was the new girlfriend. While I watched him deal with the anxious groom and try to balance his hometown friends' needs to make this a reunion on-top of the wedding, I looked for bed and breakfasts in Taos. Now, I know what you're... Continue Reading →

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