Travel blogging is becoming a trend. So, I'm going to be frank. I don't expect anyone to read this blog because there are millions of talented travel writers and photographers that should be read. I'm putting it into the world because I need to practice the skill that I plan to exercise professionally one day... Continue Reading →

Growing into Colorado

If you didn't know, I'm a Colorado native. I'm not the kind you usually meet, you know, the one who grew up in Boulder or Denver. Well, I guess I am now that I've gone to school in Boulder and am living in Denver. However, I grew up in a very different part of Colorado.... Continue Reading →


Slowness seeped from the wellness world into my many daily rituals. Unfortunately, I'm not a very slow person. A Sunday morning with some coffee serves as just the right amount for my week, and I think that's fair. I found that as soon as I finished with my "slow time" I raced through the rest... Continue Reading →


2020's quick appearance has me reminiscing about the adventures and friendships that made 2019 an astounding year. London was the most recent one, as most of you know, and the people I met there shaped my personal development. Our last night together paints a picture of the kindness I was blessed with when I became friends... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam: the city of bikes

Amsterdam wasn't the place I thought I'd love the most when I began planning trips. It seemed like a place to touch down for a weekend, scratch the surface and stroll back into London life. I was incorrect. The city of bikes stole my heart from the moment my train passed through the vast green... Continue Reading →

A walk through Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and home of the European Union headquarters. While the Eurostar dipped and turned, I thought about what the city might have to offer and questioned whether I'd done enough research before arriving. I only had a day and a half to experience a whole new city that would serve as... Continue Reading →

Growing Pains

Black coffee doesn't taste the same across oceans. Or, maybe it does and my tastebuds have just changed. Surely not. Instant coffee containers line the counter, waiting to be paired with boiling water and a bit of oat milk to mask the stale taste. I know what it is, my wallet has changed. The big world makes me... Continue Reading →

A Sunday in London

Sundays are taken very seriously in Europe. London is a city that celebrates Sunday as a day to spend with family, doing the things that will make us happy in the coming week. I stumbled on the Columbia Road Flower Market recently and found that it's only open on Sunday. While observing the people choose... Continue Reading →

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