A guide to cold days for the restless

My body doesn’t do the cold. My fingers and toes turn a ghostly white if I become cold (it’s called Raynaud’s) and become numb or painful. So, being outside in the bone chilling winter weather is not an option most of the time. This relationship with cold weather makes wintertime difficult. So, here is my guide to a winter day for those of you not spending it skiing and looking to spend some time at home.

Read a book

I love to read, and warming up with a coffee and a cozy blanket is the perfect way to meditate in the early hours of the day or in the dark evenings. My mom’s solution to every problem is to “choose a classic.” Right now I’m reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I’m also paging through How Not to Die, a book about the food we should eat more of and stay away from, and will finish London, a historical fiction about the growth of London into the city it is now. If you’re looking for a series to spend a long period of time on and learn a bunch from, Edward Rutherfurd writes historical fictions about the development of all the major cities and is a brilliant writer.

Clean up

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who likes to clean/organize, but this is a great activity to get done while you’re stuck inside rather than spending a crisp spring day doing it. I talked about my minimalism challenge and have found that helpful, and I’m always looking for new ways to save space and get rid of junk. I find this activity reflective, it teaches me about what I really value.

Watch a movie

I forget I like movies until I watch them. For some reason I’ve missed out on most of the movies with cult followings or Tumblr posts, so I’m always catching up. Aside from watching movies in my room, I also have the AMC Stubs membership. AMC Stubs gets me three movies a week and rewards for $22 a month. I never thought I’d be a movie membership person, but it’s almost better than a streaming service because I get to see all the new stuff and it’s a cheap weekend activity for Tristan (the boyfriend) and I to enjoy together.

Learn a new recipe

I’m a big fan of grain bowls right now. They are warm, filling, and healthy! I developed a mini recipe while eating breakfast with Tristan on New Years Day. Right now my recipe includes:

Butternut squash
Black beans
Vegan Kaleslaw

I am not a chef, but I’ve found that a new recipe to keep me warm always make a winter evening more cozy.

Have a spa night / day

Hair masks take far too long on work days and face masks seem much more luxurious when I have the time to lounge in them. Carving out a Sunday morning to make myself feel good helps prepare for the cold weather ahead. During my spa day I usually call someone I miss or read a book, so it’s twice the amount of self care!

Winter is the hardest season for me to get through, so having a list of things that I can do to make the days pass with more ease helps keep me in a productive, positive mood. Luckily, Colorado’s snowy days are usually sunny too… so if you’re like my brother and spending the winter in a place like cloudy Wisconsin, make sure you’re taking a Vitamin D supplement and doing a few things you love everyday.

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