A Sunday in London

Sundays are taken very seriously in Europe. London is a city that celebrates Sunday as a day to spend with family, doing the things that will make us happy in the coming week. I stumbled on the Columbia Road Flower Market recently and found that it’s only open on Sunday. While observing the people choose lavender, orchids, tea trees and succulents, I realized that Sunday is a special day that deserves its own basic routine and that I already kind of have one. Here’s what a Sunday in London looks like to me:

Wake up early and read a good book

My larkish habits come from my dad. I’ve always been an early bird, waking at 5 am in the summer months and 4:30 in the winter. Sometimes, I sleep in to 7 if the night before was a particularly late one, but even that is a stretch.

Those habits mean that my perfect Sunday starts early. Waking to a dark world and making a warm cup of coffee to read with for a few hours makes everything from the previous week seem far behind and the upcoming week still far in the distance. I go between reading The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Dad sends me articles that he comes across quite often. This back and forth is our way of staying in touch when I’m not home. Sometimes if I’m not in a news mood, I’ll read one of my books. I’m reading Meet Me in Monaco, Little Book of Hygge, and Quant by Quant right now. I would recommend Little Book of Hygge for these winter months because it helps ease the guilt of moving more slowly and encourages coziness. It’s really helped me through my hibernation habit as the weather has changed.


Okay, so breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I have lots of friends who don’t like to eat breakfast and it always makes me sad. Sunday is the day everyone should eat breakfast because it’s another activity that gives you the opportunity to explore London or unwind. Sometimes, my roommate and I have vegan banana pancakes before exploring. What I really prefer is going to get breakfast at a new brunch place and heading out from there.

A Market

Columbia Road Flower Market is my favorite right now because it opens at 8 and has all of the luxury stuff for the following week. I bought lavender last week and placed it in my closet to make all of my clothes smell less like a tube station. So far, it has made putting my sweaters on that much cozier.

Zehra bought some heather and an orchid to sit next to our window. They made everything just a bit more put together in this temporary home. It’s starting to feel more like ours, and touches like this emphasize that feeling.

A market is perfect because it gets you to new parts of the city while experiencing Sundays with the locals. Columbia Road was fun because aside from the market, as art galleries and knick-knack shops were open to stroll through and look around. A good art gallery is usually fairly close to a market, and those two things together make every Sunday better.



A Sunday is not a proper Sunday in Makenna’s world without at least four cups of coffee. Three of those cups can be had while sitting on my couch and I can get the other while I’m out and about. This weekend, we sat in Woodlidando, near the market, and planned the rest of the day and our grocery lists for the upcoming week.

Coffee/warm beverage is an essential part of the weekend because it forces you to slow down and enjoy where you’re at. Z got a tea, which had the same outcome that my coffee did. The soothing effect of having a cup of something warm and hanging out with loved ones makes the whole day seem that much more personal.


A Documentary

London is exhausting. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone to a market, a coffee shop, or just the grocery store. There are people everywhere and that tends to be a bit draining despite the excitement it brings.

So, I like to spend the tail end of my Sunday reading a bit more, or writing. However, Z had the best idea: Documentary Sunday. I guess it’s something people do anyway, but I hadn’t ever really thought about it. So, we came home and had some lunch. Then, turned out the lights and turned on Amy. I’ve begun saving different documentaries to my list in preparation for Sunday now. It gives me one more thing to be excited for and a way to reconnect with my roommate if we haven’t seen each other much over the course of a busy week.

Sundays are my favorite day of the week, and it is no different in London. It offers the chance to recharge after a busy week and before another. I recommend you make Sundays a day to slow down and enjoy where you’re at, whether you’re away on a big trip or spending a snowy Sunday in the bed you’ve called your own for years.

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