3 Days in Austin

Day 1:

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Mañana Coffee

On any first day, the first step is finding a coffee shop. After hours on a plane, it is necessary to recharge with some caffeine and a reliable power outlet. This time gives you the perfect opportunity to plan your travel aspirations for the next three days.

I started at Mañana Coffee. It had a modern vibe that quieted my travel-frazzled brain.

The first day of the trip was rainy. We found ourselves working to catch up on homework and finish any assignments before the weekend officially started. So, we embarked on a coffee tour down South Congress.

Once homework is finished, fun can begin. In this college student’s case, that meant a frat party at the University of Texas, Austin. Now, I know what you’re thinking- that’s not what a traveler wants to waste time on. Well, if you are under 21 frats are a perfect way to connect with locals. They are an opportunity to meet people from the area and get an understanding of the college scene. It was a great place to learn about where to go in the city and what to try during the short period of time that I was there.

Day 2:

photo.jpgWake up early and get some breakfast and coffee. Sleep is for people who are home. In a new place, it’s important to make use of the time that you have. We visited a place called Lucky Lab Coffee. I am so glad that we did. The breakfast burritos were delicious and the coffee helped ease our exhaustion from the night before.

Processed with VSCO with m6 presetThe Capitol is a landmark I’d encourage you to visit while in Austin. It is a beautiful building and facilitates some interesting discussion about the protestors who sit outside it. If you’re visiting a state’s capital, you should always make time to visit the building. Not only is the architecture beautiful, but it’s kind of unreal to feel the impact of being in a different state with a different state constitution than your own.
The city is fairly spread out. Between South Congress and walking through Downtown, you’re sure to have a busy day. The walk gives you a chance to take in the atmosphere and experience new things you may miss if you ubered. The walk of burger place is delicious and the bridge is a great walk.

Juice Austin is a food truck recommended to all foodies who strive to make healthy decisions while traveling. It offers juices, smoothies and salads. It’s light and filling, giving you the chance to feel satisfied and as if you tried something that is fairly “Austin.”
We went to Rainy Street to visit the food trucks for dinner. The street is comprised of food and alcohol. People talk loudly and dash across streets, the aroma of Venezuelan food and pizza mingle and you can actually feel the happiness that emits off people. It’s a friendly place to be. People will stop to chat while they share a picnic table with you. We stumbled upon Rainy Street by accident, make sure you do it on purpose.
Bennu Coffee came next. It’s a 24-hour coffee shop with lots of snacks and seating. You know you’re in a college town when you find yourself doing homework on a Saturday night in an all-night coffee shop.

Day 3
Walk the river. People run. It’s warm. The morning people are friendly. It feels like you’re experiencing a local’s morning. The walk is absolutely breathtaking. You’ll also get to gawk at the homes that sit right on the water.

Flower Child and the Steeping Room are both health food places that you should become well acquainted with while traveling. While they are a tad on the pricey end, their meals can make two and you’ll feel clean and full after eating them.
We finished our day at St. Edwards. It’s a beautiful campus. The outdoor spaces are perfect for homework, and Jo’s is ideal for recaffeinating before hitting the airport.

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